Shimi is a feral neko.

Unlike her domesticated kin, she lives like other wild neko: in the shadow of human society, making shelter in abandon places, stealing clothes from donation boxes, and hunting rats!

Having always avoided humans (and other nekos), finding herself inside Main Character’s home is a strange experience for her.

She has an injured arm and tail. She is blind in one eye. Stoic and alert, she is distant, and quietly intense – at times meek but still curious. Her build is supermodel slender, she has very dark hair with white tips, pale skin, and one blue eye. She is almost naked when found, and later appears in just a tshirt. Barefoot. A little older than Pepper and a bit Dandere/Kuudere.

MC: “Holy crap Shimi, you scared the hell out of me.”

Shimi: “…”