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Updated Mar 2023

~MattydWriter, Director, Code, Project manager, Additional art
Silentcook Build editor, Additional writing
Oddball Developmental editor, Additional writing, MC and Additional concept art
DiabloGraves Developmental editor, Additional writing
XPND.Dev Developmental editor, Additional writing, Additional code

cLso.nd Code, Additional CG art

Turbo_UdonBackground art / models, Additional CG art
JonathanHuygensCG art, Sprite edits
CoraxSprite art, Additional CG art
FizzyPopCake Sprite art

Malcolm Escott Composer
CplCrud Sound effects, Project spiritual advisor
TheSassJacketOpening Credits video, Beta reader, Playtesting

TheHivemind“SinKitty” writer
Rimajin8 “SinKitty: It’s All A Game” art, Additional CG art
KenjiUzRats, “SinKitty: OldSchool” & “Legacy”, “Vanquisher, “Red Rocket” art

Remy700Dev editing & Additional writing during Shimi & Pepper’s route
neruteru“NyakoMaids” art
SoliDPFSAdditional background art / models
ReinaAdditional background art / models
Sou1ehAdditional CG art
zzzbookwormzzzClawdia, Pepper, and Shimi chibis
yapush_khuAdditional background art / models
GuorinAdditional Sprite edits
HeadMedAdditional CG art, Additional placeholders
AN602 Alpha reader

CandyJanusDev editing during Shimi’s route
Saltome, Awsome Additional code
M4j0r ByteAdditional code, Playtesting
Malukah, Chrome, Yasna Pérez, Ave Maju, Sliche_,Alec, CloverChan
early dev CG elements, additional placeholder art, additional sprite edits

GrayestAdditional Marketing
MagicII, Tormuse, Pure, JustTommy, ShapeFlesh, ManletFromVolta, Pingo,
borjjie, bob the average
Rob, Zaniel, MatterCrafter, StilesLong, M., dm, Nolreinzo, SlightlySimpleEarly feedback

special thanks
RL Waifu, ItzXiro, iLikeCreamCheese, Bummer the Cat, BadMustard_AVN, BigSoundBank, RenPy Tom,
those whose VNs inspired us to make this, and everyone who encouraged us not to quit.

No Thanks

Additional material
“The Kilkenny Cats” (origin unknown)
“Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” (T. S. Eliot)
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “The Tempest” (William Shakespeare)
“The Raven” (Edgar Allan Poe)
“O Fortuna, Carmina Burana” (Carl Orff)
“Horatius” (Thomas Babington Macaulay)
“Life” (Charlotte Brontë)
“V. Innocentia Veritas Viat Fides Circumdederunt” (Sir Thomas Wyatt)
“Tales From The Three Wells” (Kiki Sagara)
Quotes (P.T. Barnum)

No catgirls were harmed in the making of this Visual Novel. Many fictional rats were harmed, but it’s okay – they totally deserved it!
Really, they would use all the toilet paper and not replace the roll. Even fictional, who does that?!

“OmOneko” (TM)(c), “SinKitty & SideKick” (TM)(c), “RedRocket” (TM)(c), “NyakoMaids” (TM)(c), “” (TM)
All Rights Reserved.

Produced by and ~Mattyd

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