Main Character’s mom got Clawdia when she was a kitten.

Although MC and Clawdia grew up together, they were never very close.
Clawdia mostly spent time with mom who treated her like a daughter.

When mom had to move, MC moved back home to take care of Clawdia.

She is kind and pleasant.
She notices everything, but often stays out of the way, knowing when is the best time to appear and be where she is needed.
Clawdia can get nervous at times.

She is softer and curvier than Pepper and Shimi – a very nice hourglass.
Clawdia is very tall. Long blond hair with hidden braids and scrunchies, a thick blond tail, and green eyes.

She wears a simple sundress and socks.
She is also the oldest of the group.
Her pedigree is Norwegian Forest / Maine Coon Cat

Clawdia: “Tea?”

MC: “Yeah, I’ll make us some tea.”