Pepper is… complicated.

Main Character’s best friend Goro’s neko.
His family got her as a kitten to deal with a rat problem in their basement.
Pepper took right to hunting, and often would wait patiently for hours for the rats to be in a perfect ambush.
Then Pepper would strike, sometimes getting two or three rats at a time.
Goro’s family would reward Pepper by grilling up the rats for her to eat.

Pepper is prissy, clever, very athletic, and bores easily.
She likes when people get pranked, and can be a bit tsundere with her emotions.

Domesticated but spry, young, sassy, prideful, and a cold-efficient hunter. Pepper has a “spark”, a “I’m naughty, and I’m about to get into trouble” attitude. Mischief! The cat that wants your attention and gets it by knocking stuff over. She hunts rats with a hammer. She is the shortest of the Nekos, but not short. She is very athletic in build / inverted triangle. She has short hair in browns, tans, and golds; dark skin, and bright gold eyes. She wears a camisole and a skirt. Her pedigree is Tortie-shorthair.

Pepper: “Pepper awesome neko!”