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Development Team & Project Stuff

Dev Team

Updated 10/16/2021

~Mattyd – Writer, Director, Code, Project manager
Oddball – Developmental editing, Test scenes, MC concept art
XPND – Developmental editing, Test scenes, Additional code
DiabloGraves – Developmental editing, Cinematic proofing, Test scenes
Remy 500 – Continuity editing, Test scenes, Pre-Alpha reading
Silentcook – Assistant director, Assistant project manager

Orian34 & cLso.nd – Code

YapushKhu – Background art / modeler
FizzyPopCake & Corax – Sprite art
JonathanHuygens & Sou1eh & HeadlessMedia – CG elements, Sprite edits

Maltartouf – Composer

CplCrud – Sound effects, Project spiritual advisor

TheHivemind – SinKitty episode writer
rimajin8 – SinKitty New Adventures art
KenjiUz – SinKitty Startling Adventures & Legends art, Rats

neruteru – NyakoMaids art

M4j0r Byte – Production assistant

Friendly Neighbourhood – Alpha reader
TheSassJacket – Beta reader

Nuclear CandyDev editing & Test scenes, during Shimi’s route

Special Thanks
Malukah, Chrome, Gourin, Yasna PĂ©rez, Ave Maju, CloverChan, Sliche_
early dev CG elements, placeholder art, additional sprite edits

Saltome, Awsome, RenPy TomAdditional code
Zaniel, MatterCrafter, StilesLong, M., dm, NolreinzoEarly feedback

RL Waifu, Bummer the Cat,
those whos’ VNs inspired us to make this,
and everyone who encouraged us not to quit.

Many fictional rats were harmed in the making of this Visual Novel,
but it’s okay – every one were the type to use all the toilet paper,
and then not replace the roll.

Produced by and ~Mattyd

Project Stuff

Pepper! on
LoveVN’s December 2021 banner!

The Waitress! on
LoveVN’s July 2021 banner!

Goro! on
LoveVN’s June 2021 banner!

Veronika! on
LoveVN’s March / April 2021 banner!

Clawdia! Right in the middle of
LoveVN’s Jan 2021!

It is very cool that our creepy-cute Shimi
made LoveVN’s final top 2020!